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Thorogood is a leading independent publisher of books and briefings for business and the professions, specializing in leadership and personal development, sales, marketing and PR, financial management and law and tax. Thorogood’s books are written by authors with direct, practical experience of business. Their aim is to offer expert guidance in a form that is accessible, helpful and inspiring.
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Punch Above Your Weight! John Potter
"The book is an excellent read, especially for those who are interested in gaining a proper overview of some of the most important tools one can use in order to grow as a person."

- Steve Mueller, Founder of Planet of Success
The World's Business Cultures Barry Tomalin, Mike Nicks
"Whether you need advice on presentations to an international audience, running international meetings, or leading an international team -- you will find "gold" and much more in this wonderful resource."

- Sharon Schweitzer, InterCultural & Global Business Etiquette Consultant , Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, LLC