The A-Z of Employment Practice
Edition: 11

Ring Binder: 978 1 85418 903 5 / $157.00
Published: April 2018  

Publisher: Thorogood
230 pp., 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"
The A-Z of Employment Practice provides comprehensive, practical, easily accessible guidance on personnel law and practice at a time when employers are faced with a steadily increasing burden of legislation and potential penalties. This book has been fully revised to reflect both changes in the law and the effect of court decisions on employment law interpretation. New/updated guidance is included on:

- required changes regarding disclosure of criminal offenses as current UK law breaches the European Convention on Human Rights
- requirements regarding additional Data Protection effective May 2018
- advice regarding provision of data on Gender Pay disclosure
- ECJ ruling regarding restrictions on wearing of visible religious symbols
- French restrictions on contacting employees out of working hours
- Court ruling on right of employer to enforce overtime working
- employer obligation to tailor hours for new mothers obligations
- confusion about rulings regarding rights of fathers where maternity pay is enhanced
- ruling (subject to appeal) that payment is needed for those sleeping while on call
- claims purely to prove discrimination but no intention to work for target employer thrown out by ECJ
- suggestions of a "third category" of worker - i.e. employee, self- employee and "dependent contractor" – under consideration
. . . and much more.

Whether you are an HR or personnel specialist or an owner/manager acting as your own Personnel Manager, you will find this A-Z invaluable as a constant source of accessible, expert advice.