Punch Above Your Weight!
How to Succeed at Whatever You Want to Do

Paper: 978 1 85418 865 6 / $24.95
Published: September 2015  

Publisher: Thorogood
240 pp., 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
We live in a world where the entrepreneurial and enterprise mindset is becoming increasingly important for individuals to achieve success on a personal and organizational level. Gone are the days when the average person can aim to go to college or university, obtain qualifications and then be guaranteed a “job for life”. Such a thing does not exist in our world today.

Punch Above Your Weight! addresses the important idea that in reality each one of us can be thought of as a business. In order to survive and be successful we each have a need to undertake personal marketing and sales activity in terms of our ideas and possible contributions, and to be productive in whatever form that takes.

Read this book as a way to help you set your personal direction and focus your efforts in a balanced way so that you live a life of wellbeing and achieve the success which you desire and which you deserve.

Book Review From Planet of Success

Reviews & Endorsements:
"The book is an excellent read, especially for those who are interested in gaining a proper overview of some of the most important tools one can use in order to grow as a person."
- Steve Mueller, Founder of Planet of Success
"....this book will be a very powerful tool in developing business growth both in the United Kingdom and internationally."
- Lord Nazir Ahmed, Founder , All Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship