The Mobile Boardroom
Running Your Business and Making it Grow

Paper: 978 1 85418 830 4 / $25.00
Published: October 2014  

Publisher: Thorogood
190 pp., 5 4/5" x 8 1/4"
The Mobile Boardroom considers a series of short stories devised by EMC and its team in order to support business owners. It offers new ideas, guidance and pointers on how not to make the mistakes so many have made before.

EMC’s ‘Mobile Boardroom’ will put you on the right track so that you can watch your own company grow. With input from experienced experts in their field, each chapter gives you clear tips and advice based on proven best practice.

With over two hundred years of corporate experience between them, the EMC boardroom of over twenty specialists covers all of the disciplines necessary to run a successful company. This book is an essential read whether you currently run or are eventually hoping to run and manage your own company. It will be a constant support—guiding you through some of the challenges that you will inevitably face.

Table of Contents:
1) Better business planning
2) Raising capital
3) Financial management
4) Sales and marketing
5) Informational technology
6) Management of people
7) Operations, production and service
8) Mergers and acquisitions
9) Post-acquisition management
10) Management buy-outs
11) Selling your company