The World's Business Cultures
How to Unlock Them
Edition: 3

Paper: 978 1 85418 811 3 / $29.95
Published: October 2014  

Publisher: Thorogood
356 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
The third edition of Thorogood’s The World Business Cultures: and How to Unlock Them shows readers how to create connections and win deals in global business, rather than committing clumsy and costly faux pas. It shows the reader how to assess and understand the business customs and thinking of other countries, and how to mold your approach to achieve rapport and trust.

With this book, you'll never get the tone of a presentation, negotiation or social meeting wrong again. It gives guidance on how to handle yourself in person-to-person situations, and in the digital world.

The book contains the following tools and checklists:
* The ECOLE system of understanding cultures

* The Communication Framework
* RADAR system
* 80/20 principle
* Source guide: websites and other books

Table of Contents:
Part 1
1. Why we need cultural awareness
2. What do they expect?
3. Why international communication goes wrong - and how to get it right
4. How to make an international presentation
5. How to run International meetings
6. How to negotiate internationally
7. What to do and what not to say
8. Working in International teams
9. International management styles
10. Going away and coming back

Part 2: Country profiles
The ECOLE system of organising cultural information
Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, UK, USA, Russia, South Korea, Middle East

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Whether you need advice on presentations to an international audience, running international meetings, or leading an international team -- you will find "gold" and much more in this wonderful resource."
- Sharon Schweitzer, InterCultural & Global Business Etiquette Consultant , Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, LLC